4 Major Uses for Neroli Essential Oil

  1. Neroli is commonly used for inhaling as it helps to reduce stress and have a clearer mind.
  2. With 1 drop of Neroli essential oil on a cotton ball being placed under the pillow, you’ll be able to sleep soundly like a baby throughout the night!
  3. While soaking in your bathtub, by adding 3 drops of Neroli essential oil into your bathwater will help relieve stress or PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome).
  4. Diffuse away to purify the air and your surroundings for a citrusy and floral scent, whilst enjoying Neroli’s aroma-therapeutic benefits.

Did you know?

The bitter orange tree produces three different essential oils. The leaves are processed into petitgrain essential oil while the peel of its almost-ripe fruit is a source of orange oil. Lastly, its precious tiny white flowers are steam-distilled to produce Neroli essential oil .